Personalised Learning & Development Plan

Training and development is such an important part of any role within the health & social care sector, and encouraging staff to take ownership of some of this themselves can result in massively increased uptake of courses and a more confident workforce. One of the tools we at Holly Bank have found useful for this are personalised learning and development plans.

These documents can end up as long or short as you and the employee wish, but they start out as just a simple side of A4 describing a couple of learning and development objectives, learning activities which describe how the objective will be achieved, details of review mechanisms and instructions regarding success criteria (e.g. acquiring certificates).

Examples of learning and development objectives could include the following:

  • To complete all mandatory training courses
  • To complete at least one specialist training course in an area of specific interest (e.g. dementia)
  • To complete induction program and The Care Certificate

These forms should be filled in with management and staff together, ideally as part of the supervision process. They can then be reviewed at appropriate intervals (e.g. at each subsequent supervision or appraisal) and additional objectives can be added over time, making it a fantastic working document.

To download the blank template of this plan to use with your own staff, just click HERE.


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