Two Week’s Worth of Sample Menus

Here at Holly Bank we don’t follow a rotation with our menus, preferring to tailor our meals to what’s in season from our local vegetable supplier and butcher. We serve lunch as our main meal at midday, followed by pudding and then something a little light – but still delicious!– late afternoon.

Menus are distributed to all residents (and read aloud to those who would prefer this) each week on a Monday morning and include details of lunch, dessert and tea. There is also information included about how to request alternatives including lighter options and diabetic desserts in addition to information regarding allergens in any of the meals.

We also try and make our menus a little bit more interesting by including fun food facts. These could be related to nutrition, seasonality or even the history of food, and we find that both residents and relatives really enjoy reading our food fact of the week.

Our meals are all home cooked from scratch and we try to mix up our offerings as much as possible, but it’s easy to get into a rut of “old favourites” that can get boring after a while! For this reason we’ve put two weeks’ worth of menus together as a PDF to download for free, in case any other Home’s are struggling to come up with new ideas. We get a lot of our recipes from residents, relatives and staff but we also find the BBC Good Food website to be a brilliant source of crowd-pleasing options that always turn out well.

To download two weeks’ worth of sample menus, just CLICK HERE.


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