Photo Consent Form

Here at Holly Bank, although we don’t have a website (as of yet!), we still take a lot of photos of our residents. There are a couple of reasons why;

Firstly, we like to take photos of our residents when they are feeling well and enjoying themselves, so that we can then email these to friends and family if they request. It’s lovely to be able to share happy memories and we find that families really appreciate this.

Secondly, we like to take photos of our staff and residents enjoying activities and trips out so that we can print out the photos along with some information and put them in our “fun file” which we keep in the hall. This file is a great resource for residents to look through with visitors to catch them up on what they’ve been up to, and it’s also a lovely thing to show potential new residents so that they can get a feel for the types of things we do here.

In order to make sure that we comply with the UK Data Protection Act, we developed a photo consent form which we use to record consent. The form has options for both residents who have capacity and those that don’t, as well as those who are physically unable to sign.

It’s available in a word document so you can add your own logo, care home name and other information to make the form completely suited to your needs within your own home.

To download and edit this free photo consent form, click HERE.


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