Fabulous FREE resource for creating posters

Today’s resource is something a little bit different. I actually wanted to direct people to an amazing online tool that we’ve been using to create many of the posters displayed at Holly Bank.

Posters have been a fantastic tool for us as they help us to inform residents and visitors about different activities in a fun way. We always try and advertise things like special menus for cultural appreciation days, parties and visits from local musicians, so that as many people as possible can take part and join in the fun. Here are some examples of the kind of posters we make…

You certainly don’t need to be a computer whizz or a graphic designer to create posters that are eye-catching, easy-to-read and effective, you just need to know where to look!

We create most of our posters using the FREE Poster Builder tool on Poster My Wall, which can be found by clicking HERE.

It’s really intuitive and easy to use and there are tons of stock designs that you can edit to suit your own purpose. You can even upload and insert your own images to make the posters really personal. Give it a go yourself and see what beautiful designs you can create for your own activities  boards!


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