Thickened Fluid Record

Often when a resident’s needs change, the tools we have been using to record aspects of their care no longer fit their purpose as well as we would like. In order to be truly person centered in every aspect of the care we provide, we try to design new assessment and recording tools to better suit our individual residents.

For instance, we once had a resident who exhibited a high MUST score on admittance and was put on a food and fluid chart. Over time the score reduced to zero and so the resident no longer needed this chart. However, the resident also had dysphagia and we needed some way to continue recording the consumption of thickened fluids, without needing all the detail required on a food and fluid chart.

That situation lead to us designing this thickened fluid record. One A4 sheet includes spaces next to each hour of the day where HCA’s can record the type of fluid offered in addition to the type of thickener used (e.g. “Orange Squash/Nutilis 1 scoop”). At the end of each day there is space for an RN to sign to confirm that everything is correct – this can be viewed as a sort of 24-hour audit. Each sheet can be used for 3 days.

We hope that other care homes find this as useful as we do!

To download this record for free, click HERE.


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