MUST Score Tool for Care Homes

Yesterday we had our annual nutrition & hydration training here at Holly Bank. It was a great opportunity for our newest HCA who joined us around 8 months ago to learn how the MUST score is used and why it is so important (as well as being brilliant refresher training for the rest of us!)

Our trainer was kind enough to leave us with some big laminated A3 sheets with MUST info on, and although these are great to display in the office and use in training, we thought it would be nice to have all the information we need available at a glance on one A4 sheet that we could slip into each resident’s notes.

So this morning we put together a combination of information/assessment sheet which includes the MUST formula, space for twelve months of assessment scores plus notes, management guidelines dependent on scores AND some helpful tips!
The sheets are clearly laid out, easy to use and contain everything you need (except a calculator!) to work out MUST scores for your residents and ensure that everyone is kept as safe as possible.

To download the MUST Score Tool for free, just click HERE.


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