Medicines Checks “Cheat Sheet”

So many things in our jobs become routine or second nature, especially to trained staff. However we need to make sure that we’re never complacent in any aspect of the care we provide, and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to checking medicines.

After undergoing years of intense training themselves, it’s easy for nurses to assume that HCA’s know what they are looking for when acting as a witness for drug administration. However, if not given the proper guidance¬†(and regular refresher training!) then it’s easy for some staff to just go through the motions without identifying problems which could be a serious cause for concern.

This bright and cheerful resource is ideal for use as a training tool with all staff, especially those who are new to care. It’s perfect to use during the induction process, and during regular training throughout the year. The sheet includes information on HOW to conduct a medicines check, WHAT to look out for and also includes a checklist to that all staff can be confident they are performing their duties correctly and keeping the residents in their care as safe as possible.

To download this training tool for free, just click HERE.


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