Chess Guide for Care Homes

Chess is a fantastic game to play with residents in care homes as many people (even those with dementia) can remember games and activities from their past, even when other things are long forgotten. Residents may hold happy memories of playing the game at school or even with their own children, or simply like the feeling it gives them to  focus on something fun. 

However, nowadays with the advent of smartphones and the internet not many of us play board games and so residents might find themselves with nobody to play with.

This colourful, easy-to-read A4 guide includes the basic rules of chess (which pieces can move  where) and a pictorial guide of how to set the board up initially. Using this guide care assistants, activity coordinators, visitors and residents can all brush up on the rules, start playing again and have fun! Why not print out the guide, laminate it and stick it up in your activities room?

To download the easy-peasy guide for free, click HERE.


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