Equality & Diversity Training Resource

When work-shopping our CQC compliance this month in accordance with the newly released KLOE‘s (key lines of enquiry) we noticed that it was considered by the CQC to be highly beneficial for care homes to participate in structured equality and diversity training. 

As a small nursing home with less than twenty members of staff, it would be very difficult for us to justify financing an entire training session with an external provider on this topic, in addition to all the training we already do. For this reason we created this quick “cheat sheet” which our managers use with each member of staff on a 1-2-1 basis to ensure full understanding.

The colourful, easy-to-read A4 sheet includes definitions for equality and diversity, information regarding protected characteristics in addition to relaying to why equality and diversity is so important in our work place.

This is also a great supplementary tool for the induction process which can can be read as a precursor to your Home’s full equality and diversity policy. It can also be used to support Section Four of The Care Certificate.

Why not get your RN’s to go through it with your HCA’s? This is a great training and development opportunity that they can use as evidence towards their re-validation.

You can download the resource for free by clicking HERE.


One thought on “Equality & Diversity Training Resource

  1. Thanks you these sheets are really useful, they are easy to read and easy to remind staff around this important area.


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